Player Contracts





    1. Due to the amount of time that I will be devoting to the sport, I will make sure to budget my time wisely to meet commitments of home, school, and sport. 
    2. I will make every attempt to arrive on time for every session and to have perfect attendance at practice and games.  I understand that cutting practice will result in a one week suspension from games. 
    3. I will take care of my body, the body my team and I depend on, by getting enough rest, sleep, healthy food, and avoiding alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.  I understand that the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco may result in immediate dismissal from the team.
    4. I will be a team player and display team spirit.  I realize that support of teammates is critical to our success as individuals and as a team.  I will treat all players and all managers with respect.
    5. Since our season is short, I will look for ways to improve my skills, strength, and endurance by putting in extra time and effort during the season as well as in the off-season.
    6. I will listen to and learn from the coaching staff.  I will accept constructive criticism in a positive manner.  I understand there are reasons when I am removed from the game and will not feel negatively about myself or my coaches when this occurs.  I will report to my coach when I am taken out of the game to receive coaching instruction.
    7. I realize that communication and trust are the basis for an excellent team.  If I have a concern regarding the team I will take it to the team, the team captains, and finally, to the coaches.  I will act as my own advocate first, rather than relying on my teammates or parent(s) to deal with my concerns.
    8. I will always play by the rules of the game and accept the judgment of the officials without argument.  If there is a concern on the field, I will communicate this to my captains and coaches.
    9. I will be responsible, whenever needed, for team equipment.  I will also be responsible for returning all equipment at the end of the season in good condition and in a timely fashion.
    10. If I am fortunate enough to be selected for the Varsity squad, I will remain after the Varsity game in the team area and cheer for my J.V. teammates during their game.
    11. I realize that as a West Deptford field hockey player I am representing the student body, staff, and community.  Standards for the West Deptford athlete are set higher than for that of other students.  Since I realize the desire for our team to be "a cut above the rest", I will comply with all standards and rules of conduct set by my coaches, the administration, and the Board of Education, and agreed on by my teammates.  I will always do my best to make West Deptford proud of me and my actions.  I will represent my team and my school with class.


I understand that breaking any part of this contract can be cause for suspension or dismissal from the team.

SIGNATURE OF PLAYER _____________________________________  DATE ______


I have reviewed this with my daughter and, as a parent/guardian, will support this contract.

SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN __________________________ DATE ______


*** This contract is to be read, signed, and submitted to your coach.

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