Pd.1 Pd.2   Pd.6  Pd.7 Classwork 

 Introduction to Class
Driver Manual

Laws About Driver Licenses/ 6 Points of ID
Manual Worksheet #1 HW
    Organ Donation  
Graduated Driver License Intro.    GDL Jigsaw

 Complete GDL Jigsaw
 GDL Made Simple

 Graduated Driver License Brochure
   Review Chapter 2 of Manual

  Chapter One Quiz
    Bubba Seat Belt Video: Write 10 reflections  
Seat Belt Myths/Facts
        Participate in seat belt and airbag myths/fact activity
Discuss common reasons people choose not to wear a seat belt
         Review Chapter 3 of Manual
Complete Chapter 3 Notes
Watch seat belt videos posted in google classroom
        Safe Driving Rules and Regulations Power Point (Quiz Grade)
- Get into groups 
-Select one of the laws listed by teacher
-Research your law (Describe the law, penalties for breaking this law, and what is the back ground story of this law 
ex: Maggie's Law...Who is Maggie and what happened? If there isn't a person this law what created for then find a story that relates to your law)
-Create a power point and when completed post it to google classroom
        Present law presentation to class 
        From One Second to the Next Video: Write 10 reflections 
        Review IPDE Power Point
Complete IPDE Notes
Review different driving scenarios and use the IPDE system to identify possible points of conflict 
         Complete Chapter 5 Manual Quest
         Chapter 4-5 Quiz
Assign PSA Video Project
         Participate in Drug/Alcohol Myths and Facts Activity
Discuss BAC and how alcohol effects the body
Complete BAC activity worksheet
        Review Chapter 6 in manual
Complete chapter 6 notes
         Identify posted road signs
Discuss classifications of roads signs
         Present PSA projects
         NJ state knowledge exam review
         Take NJ knowledge test