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  1. This paper is to be hand written.
  2. Research to gather information regarding each of our Fitness Tests.100 words each; total 500 words.
  3. Fitness Tests
    1. Beep test (winter) or Mile run (spring)
    2. Curl ups
    3. Push ups
    4. Sit and Reach
    5. Shuttle Run
  4. For each test include:
    1. Test name.
    2. Description of each test.
    3. What the test is designed to measure? (Example: mile run measures cardiovascular endurance)
    4. What that fitness component does for you?(Example: Cardiovascular endurance is good for the body because…)
    5. What is the result if that particular fitness component is not maintained or improved?(Example: If someone has poor cardiovascular endurance they could experience certain health problems such as…You can describe each.)
    6. What can you do to improve this particular fitness component? (Example: If you have poor cardiovascular endurance these are the activities you can do to improve it…)
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