Modified (W.D.H.S.)WPA Rules



Each player alternately throws two washers toward the opposite cup. Subsequent throwing order is based on who scored last with the scoring team throwing first. Players may not step in front of the box when throwing.


SCORING - Only one team may score per round.That team will get the difference between their score and their opponent’s score.

5 points - A washer inside the can. A “canner” overrides all other scoring.*** Should player #1 land a washer inside the cup and player #2 also land a washer inside the cup, player #2's throw negates the “canner” & no points are awarded. Should player #1 score two canners and player #2 cap only one of them, 5 points would be awarded to player #1.

4 points - Leaning on the perimeter inside the box or against the can

3 points - Inside the box

1 point - Closest to the box (within 1 foot)

Scoring is done after both contestants have thrown.

ROUND- When both players at one end complete their turns. No washers are removed from the pit or cup until all players have completed their toss and scoring has been determined.

“SKUNK- Reaching a score of 11 points before your opponent scores at all. (11-0). The player with 0 points is eliminated from further play for that game.

THROW- Or toss. Who tosses first is determined by whoever scored last.Throws are alwaysunderhand.Washer must flip end over end in the air.

GAME =21 points. Must win by 2 points.

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