Ms. Decker - Health I

Homework Assignments


Due the last day of every week .  Ten points will be subtracted from your grade for each day the assignment is late.  If it is not submitted by the next assignment due date, IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

HW 1 - Personal Mission Statement – Using the information from class and research on the internet, (1) create your own Personal Mission Statement that reflects how you want to live your life. (2) Write a paragraph explaining what your statement means to you. Information for understanding the importance of a mission statement: click here

HW 2 - Study Guide for the 7 Habits

HW 3 - Magazine Article - write an article for a nutrition magazine. Include:

  • format that makes it appear to be an article; maybe include a picture/graph

  • how the Standard American Diet (SAD) affects the health of Americans

  • risk factors; types of foods to avoid

  • types of foods you should have in your diet; food groups, essential nutrients

  • Food labels; how to read and why is it important to read them

  • How to reduce obesity in both children and adults

HW 4 - Diet log - keep track of everything you eat or drink for 2 days on SUPER TRACKER > FOOD TRACKER (on

  • print out the diet log and submit

HW 5 - Teen Dating Violence

  • Create a brochure regarding dating violence including:
  •     What is it?
  •     Statistics
  •     Warning signs
  •     How to protect yourself
  •     Steps to take to get out of the relationship

HW 6 - Drugless High

  • make a collage of pictures that show all of the things in your life that give you a "drugless high".

HW 7 - Go to   Read one of the stories and write a 100 word summary and a 100 word response. 

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