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This paper is to be hand written.


Research to gather information regarding each of the Skill Related fitness components.  100 words each; total 600 words.  Last question 25 words.  Total for all portions of this paper = 625 words.

  1. Skill Related Fitness components:
    1. Speed (100 words)
    2. Power (100 words)
    3. Balance (100 words)
    4. Agility (100 words)
    5. Coordination (100 words)
    6. Reaction Time (100 words)

      (For each component include:

    7. A detailed definition of the component.
    8. Why it is important to improve that component.
    9. A list of 15 activities that you could do to improve that component.
    10. What test WD uses to measure agility.Describe the test.
  2. If you are deficient in any of the skill-related components of fitness will your health be affected (25 words).


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