Kan Jam


Two teams consisting of two players.  Teammates stand at opposite kans positioned 50 feet apart.  One player throws and, when necessary, his/her partner deflects the disc into the kan.  Deflector may not grab or catch the disc.  The deflector can use any part of his body, not just hands, to score. Deflectors may move anywhere within the playing area, including in front of the kan.

Throwing rotation -

            1st player from team 1

            2nd player from team 1

            1st player from team 2

            2nd player from team 2

Games are played to exactly 21 points.  If a given throw results in points that raise above 21, the points from that play are deducted from their current score and play continues.  (A team that has 19 and throws a 3 pointer ends up having to subtract that 3 points from their score instead of adding it because when added the score would be 22.)  If the team that threw first reaches 21,the other team still has their team's throws to try for 21 or an instant win.

1 point        Discs that hit the kan after being deflected by the partner are worth one point

2 points       Discs that hit the kan on the fly

3 points       Discs that go into the kan after being deflected by the partner  and

INSTANT WIN    discs that go straight into the kan whether through the slot or the top without being deflected by the partner.  On both an instant win and a 3-point-jam the disc has to remain in the kan to receive full points.

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