Weight Training

W.D.H.S. P.E.



  • Helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure; helps to reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Enhances sport and exercise performance
  • Increases balance, stability
  • Increases metabolic rate helping you burn calories faster
  • Maintains bone density; reduces risk of osteoporosis
  • Increases muscular strength, endurance, and power
  • Helps to prevent injury to muscles and bones
  • Aids in speedier recovery from injury
  • Helps one age gracefully
  • Helps one feel and look better
  • Improves self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improves quality of life

WEIGHT TRAINING GUIDELINES                             

  • Concentrate on your technique
  • No "horse play"
  • Take care of equipment
  • Use spotters where required
  • Avoid sudden movements; lifting should be done in a controlled manner
  • NEVER compete with anyone other than yourself
  • Don't forget to BREATHE!   


Upper Body Exercises

 Exercise Type Demonstration of Exercise

Bench Press 

  1. Spotting Required

  2. Eyes under bar to start

  3. "Bench press" grip; thumbs on seams

  4. feet flat - straddle bench

  5. Touch mid-chest, elbows parallel with shoulders

  6. Inhale on descent; exhale on press

  7. Keep hips on bench throughout the lift



Person Lifting Weights

Incline Press With Dumbbells

  1. Spotting Required
  2. bring DBs to hips
  3. inside head of DB is outside armpit
  4. extend until DBs are over your eyes
  5. touch lightly
DB Incline Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

  2. Descent of bar should be across lower chest
SM Decline Bench Press
Chest (Dumbbell) Fly
  1. DBs over mid-chest
  2. 1/2 arc out to sides
  3. Slight bend of the elbows
  4. Descent of dumbbells should be even with chest
  5. DBs inside wrists
DB Fly
Cable Cross-over
  1. Back parallel with floor to start
  2. Slight bend of elbows
  3. Head up
CB Standing Fly
Military Press


  1. Keep head and shoulders on the bench at all times
  2. Grip thumb distance from end of handle
  3. Back against rest at all times
  4. Full extension
  5. Descend and touch; no bounce
  6. Eyes straight ahead


LV Military Incline Press
Lateral Raise (machine)


  1. Shoulders even with pivot point
  2. Hands inside
  3. Loose grip
  4. Raise to shoulder level
  5. Lift from elbows
  6. Raise, hold, lower


LV Lateral Raise
Lateral Fly (dumbbells) Deltoids (shoulders)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Raise until arms are parallel to floor
  2. Elbows slightly bent
  3. Knees slightly bent; no arch in back
DB Lateral Raise
6.  Up-right Row
  1. Deltoids (shoulders)
  2. Trapezius (Upper back)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Double thumb distance from middle of bar (close grip)
  2. Pull up under chin
  3. Elbows should be higher than shoulders at the top of the lift
  4. Knees flexed; butt under
BB Upright Row
7.  Shrugs Trapezius (Upper back)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Hands should be shoulder width apart or on outside bend of shrug bar
  2. Attempt to touch shoulders to ears
  3. Squeeze 2 secs. at the top of the lift
  4. Knees flexed; butt under
BB Shrug
Triceps Extension Triceps (back up upper arm)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Thumbs wrapped under bar
  2. Elbows in tight during lift
BB Seated Triceps Extension
8.  Triceps Pushdown Triceps (back up upper arm)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Double thumb distance from the middle of the bar
  2. Thumbs over top
  3. Elbows in tight to the sides during lift
  4. Up to parallel with floor
  5. Press fully down
Cable Pushdown
Dumbbell Kick Back. Triceps (back up upper arm)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Keep back parallel to floor during lift
  2. Turn dumbbell slightly out at end of lift
DB Kickback
  1. Triceps (back up upper arm)
  2. Interior Pectorals

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Keep elbows in tight
  2. Avoid rocking
BW Triceps Dip
12.  Lat Pull Down
  1. Latissimus Dorsi (sides of back)
  2. Elbow flexors

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Hands at the bend of the bar, middle finger on the peak
  2. Upright body position
  3. Bring down to the base of the neck
  4. Full extension at top

variation: pull down to the top of the breast bone

Cable Front Pulldown
13.  Lat Row
  1. Latissimus Dorsi (sides of back)
  2. Posterior deltoids (back of shoulders)

 *picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Slight bend in knees
  2. Hands at midpoint of the handle
  3. Extend trunk forward
  4. Begin pushing through the feet, legs, then upper body
  5. Pull to upright position
  6. Handle touch upper abs
LV StrBack Seated Row
14.  Bicep Curls Biceps (front of upper arm)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Inside grip
  2. Elbows close to body
  3. Fully extend in down position
  4. Lift up under chin and pull elbows forward
  5. Knees slightly bent; butt under
BB Curl


Hanging Leg/Hip Raise Abdominals

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

WT Hanging Leg Raise
Vertical Leg/Hip Raise Abdominals

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/


WT Vertical Leg Hip Raise
15.  Weighted Curl Up Abdominals

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/


WT Sit Up
Lying Leg-Hip Raise
  1. Abdominals
  1. Raise knees then hips
  2. curl lower body to chest
CB Lying Leg Hip Raise
Side Plank

  1. Lie on your left side, raising yourself onto your left forearm (A).
  2. Place your left shoulder directly above your left elbow, keeping your shoulders, hips and knees in alignment. Rest your right arm along the side of your body.
  3. Hold

Side Plank
Hip Rotation

  1. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, let your knees fall slowly to the left.
  2. Go only as far as is comfortable. You should feel a stretch, but no pain.
  3. Hold for three deep breaths.  Repeat on right side.
Segment Rotation
Dumbbell Side Bend Obliques

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Raise torso upward by lateral flexing waist.
  2. Lower torso by bending waist downward. Repeat.
  3. Position body facing opposite side and continue with opposite side.
DB 45 Side Bend


  1. Quadriceps (front of upper leg)
  2. Gluteals (buttocks)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Feet shoulder width
  2. Bar placed on lower trap
  3. Bench press grip
  4. Descend to parallel
  5. Eyes forward
  6. Expand chest out
LV Squat Glute
9.  Leg Press
  1. Gluteals (buttocks)
  2. Quadriceps (front of upper leg)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Balls of feet at the crease
  2. Feet shoulder width
  3. Press to extension (DO NOT LOCK KNEES)
  4. Ankles, knees and hips in alignment
  5. Slow return to 90 degrees (clear the red sticker)
SL 45 Leg Press Wide
10.  Leg Extension Quadriceps (front of upper leg)

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

 1.  Knees slightly over the edge of the seat

   2.  Roller slightly above the ankle

   3.  Extend and hold; return

LV Leg Extension
11. Leg Curls Hamstrings

*picture shown from www.exrx.net/

  1. Hips at the peak of the bench
  2. Ankles under roller
  3. Curl feet toward buttocks, squeeze and hold, return to start; do not touch weights down between reps.

  4. Keep head in line with spine


LV Lying Leg Curl



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