Single Day - Written Make Up



One assignment for each day missed.  

Minimum of ONE page, HANDWRITTEN


1.  List 25 benefits of lifetime fitness.


2.  Explain the difference between health-related fitness and skill-related fitness.  List and define the components of each.


3.  Define (1) heat exhaustion and (2) heat stroke.  List guidelines for preventing heat-related conditions before, during, and after exercising.


4.  What is the exercise FITT formula?  Explain each part of it.


5.  Define cardiovascular disease.  What are the risks?  How can it be prevented?


6.  a.  List rules to be followed when in the weight room.  (Check out our website)

     b.  Explain why each rule is important to safety.

     c.  What muscles are being targeted when doing the:

            1.  bench press

            2.  leg press

            3.  curl ups

            4.  Lat pull down

            5.  shrugs

            6.  decline bench press

            7.  lateral fly

            8.  upright row

            9.  squats

            10.  leg extension

            11.  dips

            12.  military press


8.  Discuss the differences between static stretching and dynamic stretching.  Give five examples of each.  When is it best to use static stretching?  When is it best to use dynamic stretching?


9.  Define the following terms related to strength training:

    a.  isometric exercises

    b.  isotonic exercises

    c.  isokinetic exercises

    d.  plyometrics

    e.  calisthenics

    f.  resistance training

    g.  weight training

    h.  circuit training

    i.  weight lifting

    j.  power lifting

    k.  body building

    l.  principle of overload

    m.  principle of progression

    n.  principle of specificity


10.  Aerobic/Cardiovascular fitness. 

    a.  Define

    b.  Give 10 examples of exercises that will increase aerobic fitness

    c.  Give 10 benefits of aerobic/cardiovascular fitness


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