Health IV Homework


Due at the beginning of the period on the day following LAB/SH. 

Ten points will be subtracted from your grade for each day the assignment is late.        

  • HW 1  – Breast (females) OR Testicular (males) Self-Exam -

           Breast Self Examination - go to

                1.tell why performing a BSE is important and how often it should be done

                2.list symptoms of breast cancer

                3.list steps for performing a BSE

                4.list ways to lower risk of breast cancer

                5.after having performed a BSE write at the bottom of your paper "I have performed my breast self exam according to the proper technique"  and sign your name


            Testicular Self Examination - go to self exam

                The Self Exam -

                1.tell why performing a TSE is important and how often it should be done

                2.list steps for performing a testicular self examination

                The TC Primer

                3.list cancer symptoms

                4.list causes of testicular cancer

                5.After having performed a TSE write at the bottom of your paper "I have performed my testicular self exam according to the proper technique"  and sign your name


  • HW 2 -(this is to be hand written) (1) Read article #1 Benefits of Abstinence and write a reflection (minimum 1 paragraph), (2) Read article #2 I'm Choosing Abstinence including the section on "secondary virginity"and write a reflection, (3) Answer the following:(a) As a high school student do the benefits of abstinence outweigh the benefits of being sexually active? Explain.(b) List five reasons why you think some adults feel strongly that teens should remain abstinent? (c) Which couple do you think will have a better chance of staying together, the couple who have had sex only with each other or the couple who had sex with multiple partners before marriage?  Explain.



  • HW 4 - Benefits of breastfeeding...  Read Breastfeeding Benefits.  Go to  # 16 on your Final Exam Study Guide.  Explain what each of the headings means.


  • HW 5 - Visit the sites below and design a brochure that informs the reader about Domestic Violence

                       What is Domestic Violence?

                       Fast facts - statistics

                      Are you a victim?

                       Domestic Violence Myths

                       Why Doesn't She Leave? use this site

                       Long term effects

                       Domestic Violence Safety Plan

                        Some other sites:


  • HW 6 - Review Divorce Findings.  List and summarize each of the 19 indicators of divorce.

  • HW 7 – Advice to an incoming freshman - Write a letter telling any incoming freshman what you would do differently if you had the last four years to do over again.  Include a paragraph on each of the following: (1) things that you might have done differently in dating relationships, (2) in relationships with friends, (3) with school work, (4) with clubs and/or sports, and (5) in your relationships with your parents.  This letter should be inspiring to someone in the beginning of their high school career and should be written so that it could be used in a freshman health class.

If you want ask any questions that you forgot to ask during class or were uncomfortable asking in class email us at [email protected] and [email protected]


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